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At Loria Real Estate, we provide property management expertise, sales and leasing brokerage services, accounting and financial reporting, and the personalized attention to address concerns of building owners, tenants and residents.


We manage commercial, residential and mixed-use properties. Our management service includes:

  • Accounting and reporting, including building finances, day-to-day accounting operations, payroll, tax budgeting, and refinancing​

  • Financial management and analysis available for owners and accountants through Quickbooks online

  • Compliance and coordination with New York City building protocol to ensure all government regulations are adhered to in a timely manner, including inspections, elevator maintenance, boiler mandates, and more

  • Overhead cost reduction, clearing up violations, and assisting in obtaining Certificates of Occupancy if necessary

  • Regular proprety inspections to assess building conditions and address tenant and resident concerns

  • Maintain long-term relationships with full range of vendors, building personnel, architects, contractors, plumbers, electricians, elevator technicians, and other real estate professionals, allowing us to foster positive relationships and execute projects on time and on budget

  • Address repairs quickly and professionally

  • Provide access to legal counsel, if necessary

  • 24-hour help line for property emergencies


As licensed real estate brokers, we can represent you if you are:

  • A buyer or seller in the purchase, sale or lease of residential or commercial real estate property

  • A commercial property business owner searching for tenants to lease their commercial property space

  • A business or individual seeking to lease commercial property space

  • An individual who wants to lease residential property space

(See our NYS standard operating procedure)

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